A fresh new look and services. We are now Delegate.co
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A fresh new look and services. We are now Delegate.co

We officially rebranded to Delegate.co!

This strategic move comes as a part of the company’s ongoing commitment to offering comprehensive and advanced support for vacation rental managers.

The decision to rebrand is rooted in the company’s evolution and growth. Delegate.co aims to represent a broader range of services, going beyond our traditional scope. The transition also signifies a focus on empowering vacation rental managers to delegate tasks effectively, enhancing their ability to scale and succeed.

Key Highlights:

Diversified Service Offerings:

With the rebrand, Delegate.co extends its service offerings to cover a wide array of tasks, including 24/7 guest communication, listing management, damage claims, marketing, and accounting.

Seamless Integration:

The transition ensures seamless integration with various Property Management Systems (PMS)and other OTA accounts. This guarantees a smooth collaboration experience for clients.

Exclusive 14-Day Free Trial:

To celebrate the rebrand, Delegate.co is offering a 14-day free trial. This provides clients with an opportunity to experience the enhanced services and efficiency of Delegate.co’s virtual assistants.


Our clients can expect the same level of excellence and commitment under the new identity. Delegate.co is poised to continue its mission of providing top-notch virtual assistant services to vacation rental managers around the world.



Want to take advantage of our 14-day FREE trial and see why delegating tasks to our STR virtual assistants will be a game-changer for your vacation rentals?

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